32' River Freighter

Work Boats

D.I.B. work boats are used around the globe for almost any job you can think of. Oceanographers, shrimp fishing and everything in between. DIB has made work boats for cruise lines, the military and much more.

Our inflatable work boats can be made in almost any size that you need. Our inflatable boats are also easily transported to almost any location on the planet. Being inflatable, they take up alot less space while being transported.

14' Mini Snout

14' Mini Snout

The 14' Mini Snout is a hard deck, soft hull, self bailing pontoon boat. It is designed primarily as a rough water rescue boat.

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17' Mini Snout

17' Mini Snout

The 17' Mini Snout is a medium sized, hard deck, soft hull, self bailing work boat with a pontoon configuration.

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22' Ship To Shore

22' Shop To Shore Inflatable Boat

The Ship to Shore's pontoon design provides increased stability for ship side boarding and rough water operations over conventional monohulled boats.

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23' Snout Rig

23' Snout Rig

The Snout Rig is a two tube pontoon boat utilizing 36" diameter inflatable pontoons and a single piece, aluminum deck/frame structure.

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28' River Freighter

28' River Freighter Inflatable Boat

Designed with good stability and high payload capacity, the DIB Freighter also features easy portability.

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32' River Freighter

32' River Freighter

The 32' River Freighter is a rugged hard-deck, inflatable hull, self-bailing workboat currently used for a variety of missions including general transport, geophysical research, construction support, surf zone exploration, oil spill clean-up support, and even brine shrimp harvesting.

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Our Inflatable Work Boats

Caution: Operation of any rescue craft in swift water or whitewater conditions requires skilled operators who have been specifically trained for these environments.