17' Mini Snout

Rescue Sled In Use

The 17' Mini Snout is a medium sized, hard deck, soft hull, self bailing work boat with a pontoon configuration. Designed for work where a stable platform is needed in either rough water or flat water, the 17' Mini Snout performs well where fendering is required. The boat can be fitted with a towing bitt and can also be davit launched while loaded.

17' Mini Snout Technical Data

This boat is made with 60 ounce/yard, Mil-C14505 Type 7 material. It has six (6) separate air chambers. We can vulcanize your company's name, logo, or fleet number on the side of the boat for permanent identification.

Data Standard Metric
Overall Length 17' 3" 5.17 m
Overall Width 8' 6" 2.5 m
Deck Length 12' 3.65 m
Deck Width 6' 4" 2 m
Pontoon Diameter 26" 610 mm
Weight Without Engine 640 lbs 290 kg
Design Working Load 2000 lbs 909 kg
Maximum Bouyancy 8,200 lbs 1590 kg
Deck - 5086 Marine Alloy 3/16"
Power Rating 75 hp 55 kw