Section Four Style Inflatable Rafts

High Quality White Water Boats

This paddle boat is a narrow, three cross tube model developed primarily for the Chatooga River. The boat has a heavy 60 oz. floor and extensive gum sheeting applied to the bottom and around the sides for chafe protection from the abrasive river bed.

The Section Four Style Raft Technical Data

This raft is made from a heavy 60 oz. material. It has seven (7) air chambers.

The valves on the Section Four Model are brass, nickel plated. The D-rings are the standard 4" size.

We can vulcanize your company's name, logo, or fleet number on the side of the boat for permanent identification.

Data Standard
Overall Length 14'
Overall Width 6' 4"
Main Tube Diameter 18.5"
Cross Tube Diameter 12"
Weight 145 lbs
Bow Lift 9"
Stern Lift 9"
4" D-Rings 8