28' River Freighter

Rescue Sled In Use

Designed with good stability and high payload capacity, the DIB Freighter also features easy portability. The boat derigs to a package measuring 10'2" x 7' x 4' which fits a standard air cargo pallet. The two piece deck/frame nests with the tubes on the top frame.

The inflatable pontoons have five air chambers each. We fabricate the pontoons from 60 ounce per square yard, neoprene-coated fabric. Each tube is assembled of uncured materials, painted to the desired color, and then vulcanized as a unit in our dry-heat autoclave. These inflatable pontoons are easily maintained.

Another feature of the DIB River Freighter is its self-bailing design. This design provides the capability to perform in rough water and river currents environments. The aluminum deck/frame serves as a stable, rigid working platform. Equipment can drive onto a river freighter outfitted with decks and a ramp. Also, the inflatable pontoon hull allows the boat to work in congested areas without suffering damage when bumped.

28'' River FreighterTechnical Data

This boat is made with 60 ounce/yard, Mil-C14505 Type 7 material. It has ten (10) separate air chambers. We can vulcanize your company's name, logo, or fleet number on the side of the boat for permanent identification.

Data Standard Metric
Overall Length 28' 8.5 m
Overall Width 9' 2.74 m
Deck Length 20' 6.1 m
Deck Width 7' 2.13 m
Pontoon Diameter 36" 910 mm
Weight Without Engine 1,600 lbs 725 kg
Design Working Load 9,000 lbs 4,080 kg
Maximum Bouyancy 24,000 lbs 10,900 kg
Deck - 5086 Marine Alloy 1/8" 3.22 mm
Power Rating 200 hp 149 kw