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Founded in 1982, Demaree Inflatable Boats, Inc., manufactures industrial grade inflatable boats and related products such as workboats, commercial whitewater boats, military boats, pontoons, rescue craft, and related products such as deep sea lifting bags to exacting specifications.

We are located in the beautiful town of Friendsville Maryland. All our materials meet top-quality U.S. military specifications. After assembly, the completed product is vulcanized in our dry heat autoclave and the result is an integral, industrial-grade boat.

Demaree Inflatable Boats specializes in custom products made to your own requirements.

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Inflatable Work Boat Sales

Work Boats

Our work boats are used for everything from geophysical work, bridge construction, transporting goods and even oil spill cleanup efforts. They are totally customizable and there is a D.I.B. boat appropriate for any situation. Our work boats are also very portable. able to be taken apart and shipped to anywhere in the world with ease.
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Inflatable Rescue Boats

Rescue Boats

With nature becoming more and more unpredictable all the time it is of utmost important that every fire department, police department and other rescue agencies have the ability to rescue people in swift water and calm water conditions. Let the rescue boat experts, D.I.B. show you how our boats will make your agency the pride of your community.
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White Water Raft Sales

Commercial White Water Boats

We supply a wide variety of inflatable boats to rafting outfitters all over the world. We have many different raft models which are all customizable to your exact needs. We are also a leading producer of inflatable kayaks and personal paddle boats, two of the hottest white water items around!
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Sponson and Rigid Inflatable Boats

Sponson Fabrication - R.I.B.'s

As a leading supplier of sponsons to the United States Armed Forces, we are well positioned to help your company or agency with any sponson or Rigid Inflatable Boat needs you may have. We can make sponsons for almost any R.I.B.
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Don't take our word for it!

"I have been a white water guide for many years now. Our outfitter carries many brands of boats, but I always choose to paddle a D.I.B. Their rafts are durable, won't fold in high water and I love their P.P.B.'s. They make great boats for safety boating and for carrying gear on smaller trips."
Tim - A Senior Guide at White Water Adventurers

Did you know?

All of our boats are 100% made in America. This means you know that the boat you get is going to be up to standard, and even exceeding the standards. Boats made in other countries don't always have to follow the safety and construction requirements of boats made in the U.S.A. Buy U.S.A.!

During the rescue efforts of Hurricane Katrina, our rescue and work boats were right in the middle of things. Thousands of trips were made into New Orleans and surrounding areas using D.I.B. boats. Never once did any of our boats fail, malfunction or otherwise fail to perform. We are proud to be part of the team that helped the people of New Orleans in their time of need.

Ever see one of those Navy commercials with the boats zipping by carrying elite Navy SEALS? Chances are that we made the sponson that they are riding on. We have been supplying the military with boats, sponsons and anything else they have needed for almost 30 years.

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