High Quality White Water Boats

Cheat River Style Inflatable Rafts

The Cheat Boat is a relatively light-weight, responsive boat designed to meet the challenges of rivers such as the Cheat, New Gauley, Youghiogheny, Salmon and Upper Colorado.

Variations of the Cheat Boat can be seen on some of the world's finest white water rivers. Professional outfitters in Costa Rica use a smaller 14� long, 6� 6" wide, 3-crosstube version to navigate the boulder strewn waters of the Reventezon River. To meet the challenge of much higher volume rivers such as the Snake River in Wyoming, the Cheat is offered in a 17� long, 8� wide, 4 cross tube self-bailing configuration.

Whichever model you choose, the Cheat offers a highly responsive boat constructed from the most rugged materials available and the classic lines of a true performer.

The Cheat Style Raft Technical Data

This boat is made with 30 oz/yd2, Mil-C-17415, type 9A material. It comes with and without the self-bailing floor.

The floor on the standard model is made from 44 oz/yd2, Mil-C-14505, type 6 material . It has eight (8) air chambers. We can customize it to your needs..

The sefl bailing model has a floor made from 6" (150 mm) drop stich, Mil-G-17415, type 11 material. It has nine (9) air chambers. We can customize it to your needs.

The valves on the Cheat Model Raft are brass, nickel plated. The D-rings are the standard 4" size.

We can vulcanize your company's name, logo, or fleet number on the side of the boat for permanent identification.

Data Standard Metric
Overall Length 16' 4.8 m
Overall Width 7' 4" 2.2 m
Main Tube Diameter 20" 508 mm
Cross Tube Diameter 14" 375 mm
Weight Standard: 150 lbs
Self Bailing: 205 lbs.
Standard: 68 kg
Self Bailing: 93 kg
Bow Lift 12" 305 mm
Stern Lift 12" 305 mm